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Integrating deep learning with human intelligence

Industries around the world have been scrambling to keep up with the rapid rate of technological advancement. As we see more technological advancements happen at an exponential rate. This results in jobs that encompass new scopes without prediction, and vast resources dumped into developing tools that are effective but with a very short shelf life. AI (artificial intelligence) has been one of the tools that has stirred interest since it’s induction as an academic discipline in the 50’s.

The timeline where AI has moved on to machine learning in the 80’s. By the 90’s advancements led to computer systems making sense of handwritten numbers, but it wasn’t until recently that deep learning came about that gave programmers much more latitude to get machines to extrapolate and come upon variants and conclusions with much more detailed and complex parameters.

At Aidatech, we have a combined professional experience of 20 years in leading large R&D and MNC organisations. examining the trends of work processes across different businesses. Being active researchers ourselves, we are excited with the possibilities that our research has opened and to move the ideas over from theory to solve real world challenges is an exciting direction we are dedicated to undertaking.

With deep learning, we are able to better make sense and solve a problem that we see most companies face in the digital era – sheer amount of data that is not actionable.

We have developed AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Driven Analytics). AIDA is an AI based predictive analytics and intelligent system, to provide companies the right kind of actionable data to stay current and be future proofed. To handle the present and growing challenges of data, machine deep learning is the future.

AIDA is built from the ground up to cover details and semantics catered to your specific needs. With our technical experience across different MNCs across different industries, we are able to quickly assemble modules that can grasp and understand technical intricacies and have them present accurate findings to give you sound advice for your business and operational decisions.

AIDA streamlines data with a simple five step workflow process:

  1. AIDA analyses the data presented, to come up with a framework and references to the task at hand.
  2. AIDA predicts future projected data, outcomes and possible trends.
  3. AIDA understands the correlation and context giving your team insights to narrow down the possibility of future events and industry direction.
  4. AIDA engages your team with external factors that can allude to clearer data in regards to customer habits, retention and patterns.
  5. AIDA monetises the data, by compiling and presenting the data to your team.

We will be touching more on how deep learning solutions can be the game changer to understanding your customers, and how businesses run in our next piece. We look forward to being your partner, for your big data challenges.


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