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Our Platform

Modular, fast and precise - Find out how AIDA is the missing link giving you the competitive advantage you need

The AIDA Technology Platform can process large volumes of multi-modal data from heterogeneous data sources such as Enterprise databases, chat logs, text and images from the Internet, and the specific domain knowledge and semantics customized to each customer.

Our three competitive advantages are

  1. rapid solutions development (arising from a collection of re-usable advanced analytics software components)
  2. faster time to answer (rapid trajectory to an answer that enables a customer to react in a shorter time) and
  3. better prediction accuracy (drawing on our Data Scientists deep real-world experience and sophisticated award-winning data mining algorithms).

AIDA Technologies’s proprietary methodology includes:

  1. knowledge engineering to capture and encode domain semantics,
  2. rapid and auto-generation of rich predictive features from heterogeneous/multi-modal data,
  3. an innovative multi-level deep machine learning process for generating high precision predictive models.

If you are looking for rapid deployment of Advanced Analytics solutions that outperforms in accuracy, contact us today at enquiries@aidatech.io