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AIDA Technologies’s helps give companies deep insights into what consumers want.

AI Driven Analytics for Consumers

AIDA Technologies’s proprietary deep learning helps give companies deep insights into Life Stage, Life Event, Behavioural and Attitudinal Insights and Predictive Solutions to what consumers want by uniquely making sense of structured data (invoices, bills) and unstructured data (pictures, social media engagements).

Armed with the knowledge, companies can position themselves better for personalized engagement, significant customer retention, and loyalty by providing goods and services their customers want.

AIDA Technologies gives you the leverage in:

Attitudinal and Behavioural Segmentation

Predicting Customer Loyalty/Stickiness

Early Detection of Customer Disengagement / Attrition

Personalised and Context-Sensitive Recommendations

Predicting Propensity to Purchase and Re-Purchase

Predicting Next Spend (When, Where, What, How Much?)

Detecting Lifestyle Changes / Life Events

Predicting Propensity to Claim

Early Detection of Emerging and Evolving Claims Trends and Outliers