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Financial Services

AIDA Technologies is creating transformational change to banking and financial services.

AI Driven Analytics for Financial Institutions

There is growing recognition that Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics is the key to creating transformational change to banking and financial services.

The AIDA Team’s multi-award winning track record in developing innovative machine learning solutions for the banking and insurance sector coupled with its customizable Machine Learning solutions bring a new ease to developing high precision analytical solutions for the sector. AIDA’s solutions focused towards delivering advanced AI technologies for Risk and Compliance Analytics.

AIDA’s innovative solutions enable Risk and Compliance Management to take on a
new dimension of being predictive and preventive, rather than detect events that have occurred. AIDA’s Technology Platform with its suite of algorithms for unsupervised Machine Learning deliver intelligent systems that can watch over and help Risk and Compliance Managers see change as they emerge.

AIDA Technologies provides financial services the support and frameworks Compliance and Risk Analytics predictive solutions and support for customisation and maintenance for:

Trading Floor

Portfolio Monitoring

Trade Fraud

Institutional Lending

IT Risks

Credit Risk Management

Human Capital Analytics